Friday, 17 June 2016

Heavy Heart Full of Love #prayer #poetry #mission #Orlando #JoCoxMP

Such a week of awful news
TV full of doom and gloom
Fifty dead
Shot in a club
MP shot
Doing her job
Added to the wars non stop
And inequality that drops
The weakest in the darkest place
Without water
Without a home
All across the world they roam
And no one wants to take them in
They are blamed for everything
What has our world become
I do not know what can be done
But surely 
One thing we should see
Is that it's real for you and me
All this grief
All this loss
My heavy heart
Removes life's gloss
Today I want to shut it off
To close the door
Switch off the phone
Makes me want to be alone
And cry
And rant
And shout so loud
God of mine
Why do you allow?
And yet I know
That my dear God
Is crying too
Through all this loss
Seeing our world
Feeling our pain
He sees the evil
Repeating again
He must despair
At our lack of care
But when I start to feel it here
It's overwhelming
What can I do?
I'm just one person
As are you
But together joined with many more
Surely we can do, what's been done before
And make a change
Improve our world
To heal the sick
And warm the cold
To feed the hungry
And save the damned
We can't give up
We must make a stand
To shout out loud
Put down the hate
Love each other
Gay or straight
Enemy, neighbour
Near or far
Evil can not win this war
Love must open every door
So together stand
Together say
We'll help each other
Come what may
Through prayer and action
Donation, petition
THIS is our God given mission
With heavy heart I impart this vision
Can you make the same decision?

These images include:
Vigil for the LGBTQ victims in Orlando
Jo Cox MP campaigning for a stop to violence
Refugees in Greece taken by Amnesty International
Palestinian children queuing for water after Israel cuts their supply

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Michelle Twin Mum said...

Yep so important we keep on fighting for Hos world and His glory. Mich x