Saturday, 11 June 2016

Disability Accessibility #poetry #campaign #disability

I am pretty lucky
In our local community
There are crossings aplenty
And fairly good accessibility

But there is one street
Cambered towards the road
I have to use it sometimes
And take it very very slow

I have asked my council
If anything can be done
Since it's the route to the doctors
"Could you move?" is their return

But I'm not really complaining
Because I know it's worse elsewhere
There are impossible places
None on wheels can go near there

When we went up North
On our family holiday
I really was quite shocked
How bad it is for many

Of course in older towns
There is historicity
But still it makes me sad
That those places I can't be

But there's really no excuse
For anything that's new
Yet it can be impossible
Bet it's invisible to you

A badly parked car
Overhanging a walkway
Or parked on the pavement
Means it completely blocks my way

What are my choices?
Take the risk, go on the road?
That's fine if I'm with others
But on my own, there I can't go

Even a tiny step
Of a few inches or more
At the entrance to a shop
Means I can't go in that store

Or a really small doorway
Into a disabled loo
Makes it inaccessible
Yet it won't be clear to you

And what about a manual door
How do I open it and move through?
Let alone two sets of doors
Would a different layout kill you?

This is about my wheels
My scooter or wheelchair
Add to that my sight
And it really is a mare

Can't see the obstacles
Have to assume it's all OK
Until it really isn't
And then I'm in the way

And mostly the public's great
But every now and then
Someone tuts and huffs
Because I'm delaying them

And it really hurts
Because I'm trying the best I can
So if you see someone struggling
Could you offer to lend a hand?

Of course you might be rejected
That is an individual's choice
But you never know just who
Will be relieved to hear your voice


Cara McKee said...

Thanks, a really useful poem. I'm going to be thinking about the space around me in a different way now.

charades for kids said...

very clever text

Roland Clarke said...

So very true from another wheelchair user. We live in an area where there are a lot of historical buildings that aren't accessible. Agree that most people are understanding but there are a few insensitive idiots around.

Victoria Welton said...

A fabulous poem with an important message. I really do think that people don't think! They can be so blinkered and not look at the bigger picture. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x