Saturday, 18 June 2011

Jonah the groaner

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This week in God Squad at St Nicolas Earley we looked at the bible story of Jonah.  We are following the Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman and in it the story's called "Jonah the Groaner.

We hear the story; we think about how we are like Jonah; we think about when we can ask God for help and how we can help others; and we make a huge picture of the sea with Jonah and the whale.

Session plan
Message: Jonah hid from God when he was scared to do what God asked him.

Ministry: do we find it hard to do the right thing? Do we groan and run away when asked to do something we don't like.  Is it easy to ask God for help when we feel embarrassed or scared? We are more like Jonah than we think; but God is still always there for us.

Mission: how can we help others as God helps us? Perhaps being a buddy at school, or offering to help people who need it?  This week let's try to help people like God helps us.

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