Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sunday school ministry

My first official LLM Calling vlog

Sunday school leadership is a ministry as important as leading the main service


Anne said...

Agree entirely Emma. And you are so right that the Church doesn't value "Sunday School' ministry as much as it does ministry to adults, usually.
The one thing I disagree with you is when you say "Children are the future of the church or the church of the future". Children are part of the Church of the present, as much a part as the adults, so it is important that their learning and spiritual needs are met.

alan.birt said...

The first commentator quite rightly says, "Children are part of the Church of the present". I couldn't agree more !

Emma Major said...

Thanks for your very important clarification; this is the problem with being unscripted. I definitely value children NOW in the church, but also into the future. Thanks for picking ne up on it.