Saturday, 4 June 2011

Psalm 22 rewritten

Where are you God?
Why don't you help me?
I cry for you
Why don't you answer?

You are Holy Lord
All generations praise you
You delivered those who trusted
You saved those that asked

But I am despised
People mock me
They say you won't rescue me
Will you?

You gave me life
You have always been my God
Don't be far away
I need help

I am surrounded
I am threatened
I am shrivelled
I am close to death

Don't be far away Lord
Come to my aid
Save my life
Deliver my soul

You have rescued me
I will shout your praises
"Glorify the Lord
He came when I cried"

The earth shall remember
All will turn to you
The generations will worship you
You rule all nations Lord

All will bow down to you
All will live for you
All will be told of you
All will proclaim you Lord


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Donna @ The House on the Corner said...


Could not have come at a better time.