Friday, 24 June 2011

Refugee week: praying for refugees

This week I have read, researched, cried, written and spoken about the plight of refugees.  Now, today, I pray and ask that you pray with me.

Father God, sustainer of life

You know the pain of refugees; through Jesus you experienced it.  
You know the loneliness of having no where that's home.  
You know the fear of not knowing where the next meal's coming from.
You felt it and feel it today with sorrow.

We ask for your care and warmth on those who are homeless; for your nourishment and goodness on those without food; and your love on those separated from their loved ones.

Bring strength to those who work with and for refugees; bring compassion to those who can make a difference; bring understanding to those who are worried by their needs.

Lord we are your hands and feet, please remind us of this as we hear about the plight of refugees and give us our own ways to help.

Through Jesus we pray.

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Free Baby Stuff said...

When we sit in our homes and go to bed at night with a blanket and pillow, perhaps worrying about if we will get our next check in time to pay the light bill this month, we may even think our life is difficult. If we can remember that some people don't have a light bill to pay because they don't even have a bed, much less a blanket and pillow, and if we could remind other people of this fact, hopefully more people can get more involved in helping out those who are destitute and less involved in worrying if their party decorations are froofy enough.

Emma Major said...

Absolutely, I hope this week has made people think twice