Wednesday, 30 November 2011

World Aids Day Flashmob

Tomorrow is World Aids Day.  The day when around the world events are held to raise awareness of the still very real issue of HIV and Aids.

Here are a few more facts about HIV in the UK from the NAT

•Over 90% of people with HIV were infected through sexual contact
•You can now get tested for HIV using a saliva sample
•HIV is not passed on through spitting, biting or sharing utensils
•Only 1% of babies born to HIV positive mothers have HIV
•You can get the results of an HIV test in just 15-20 minutes
•There is no vaccine and no cure for HIV

Now let's think about HIV and Aids around the world, it was estimated that there were 33 million people living with HIV/Aids in 2009.  What an immense number of people, let's stop that number growing.

Are you as moved by this as I am?
Moved enough to do something?
Perhaps wear a red ribbon?
Or attend a World Aids Day event?

We were moved enough at St Nicolas to organise a flashmob.
At 6pm on Thursday 1st December 2011 anyone who wishes is invited to reveal their red tops and freeze for one minute in silence in the middle of the shoppers at Broad Street Mall in Reading.  By freezing they will attract attention, this will be followed by the distribution of postcards explaining more about World Aids Day and the NAT.

If you would like to join in then just turn up at the Broad Street Mall, wearing red under your coat, at 545 ready to be placed to freeze.  The event will be photographed, videod and covered by the press.

If you'd like more details then just leave a comment and I'll contact you.

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