Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden RIP

Yes, I really mean it, Osama Bin Laden rest in peace.

I refuse to celebrate; I am disappointed by the scenes of celebration outside the White House; how can it be right to cheer about a death?

A man has died!
Yes he managed a terrorist organisation, that makes me angry.
Yes he organised the 9-11 attacks, for that I feel he is unforgivable.
Yes he attacked many of his own country-men and women, that is the lowest of the low and makes me sick to my stomach.

But he is now dead; that is enough.

Now he stands in front of God to be judged.  It is not right to celebrate his death.  I feel sick to my stomach, the same way I did when terrorists celebrated the death of those in 9-11.

This morning instead of joy I feel relief that a major leader of terrorism has been stopped.  But I also feel fear that these celebrations might anger those who might now fill the empty shoes at the head of a terrorist organisation.

Osama bin laden RIP.

Lord God, we need your peace and healing on our world; help us to work together across religions and nationalities to seek peace together.  Amen.


Karen said...

You beat me to a blog post! I have very similar feeilngs Emma.

Nancy Wallace said...

The scenes of jubilation from the USA have made me very uneasy. As John Donne put it "...ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee". Martyrs create martyrs and you can't suppress ideas. I worry about re-inforcement of 'might is right' idea.

Zack said...
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Lindsay's Family Reviews and Giveaways said...

I absolutely agree and had just said this to my husband last night. I am also fearful that the "celebration" of his death is going to anger and cause them to want to retaliate. How can anyone celebrate the death of someone's life. Relieved that he is no longer a threat, yes, but celebrate, no.

Anonymous said...

this is still something which bothers me, thanks for writing this

Emma Major said...

it's interesting, because this is one of the most read posts on my blog, the interest hasn't gone away clearly