Monday, 19 March 2012

#cyblessings 19th March 2012

Only 10% of children complete primary school in South Sudan.

Can you imagine living in a community where most children finish their education at age 10? That's what happens in Sudan.  Some leave to work.  Some leave because there's no money to fund more education.  Many don't even think there's an option to stay.

No matter how much our teenagers might wish they didn't have to go to school, I guarantee they wouldn't swap their situation for one in Sudan.

Christian Aid are asking us to give 5p for every year you spent in education .  This could be a big donation; I started school at 5, I stayed in education until I was 22.  I then did fitter study for 5 years post graduate and another 6 years for counselling and ministry.  That's 28 years in education.  I commit to donate £1.40.  Worth every penny thousands of times over.

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