Sunday, 25 March 2012

#cyblessings 24th & 25th March 2012

a decade ago, trapped in a cycle of violence and crime, Humphrey could not have imagined that he would be driving change within his community in Kenya.  With help from Christian Aid partner Maji na Ufansi Humphrey learned the skills needed to lead Kiambui Youth Group and now runs one of the five water and sanitation blocks Muji built in Kiambui.

What a fantastic tale of hope; an example which the western world are so poor to enact within our own countries.  It is fantastic to know that projects like this exist to turn around lives individually and as a community.

Christian Aid are asking us to give thanks for young people throughout the world who make a real difference.   Today I use this opportunity to thank the young people at St Nics who assist, serve, lead, question and feed me with all they are.  Christian Aid are also asking us to give 10p for every rubbish bin or waste paper basket you have in your home.  We have 3 in our house, we used to have many more but I rationalised.  So I commit 30p.

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