Wednesday, 21 March 2012

#cyblessings 20th March 2012

A quarter of infants in South Asia have not been immunised again measles - a disease that kills a child every 3 minutes.

I decided to find out this morning how much the measles vaccine costs; UNICEF state that it costs less than $1 per child, that's about 60pence.  Puts it in context doesn't it!!  For the cost of Rachel's fortnightly magazine you could save 4 children from measles!  I know which I'd rather do, how about you?

Christian Aid are asking us to give 5p for every immunisation you've had in the last five years.  I have flu jab every year (5), I've had tetanus in that time (1) and I'm about to have four if five for our trip to Zambia; so let's say that 11 immunisations which means I commit to donate 55p.

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