Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Scared of your shadow?

This poor penguin seems pretty scared of his shadow; "quit following me" he says to it.

Is he paranoid?
Is he fearful?
Is he funny?
Is he confused?

Have you ever felt that you're being followed? Figurtively followed through life, or perhaps literally followed. I've had both experiences and I'm not sure which is the most scary. It is terrifying to be followed by a stranger on the street, not knowing their intention or how to get out of the situation. But its also awful to feel watched through your life.

Bizarrely many of us like being followed. We like to be followed on twitter, we long to be liked on Facebook, we seek to be +1d on Google+ so how is that different? And when does it cross the line into being creepy?

So do we want to be followed?

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