Thursday, 22 March 2012

Save a life, be an Organ Donor

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It's not the happiest or easiest conversation in the world, talking about death, let alone when you're dealing with accidental and premature death.  But one tricky conversation 'now' can ease a lot of pain, stop a lot of impossible decision making, and above all can save lives.

I have held an organ donor card since I was a teenager; I knew that I wanted my body to be used to help others once my soul had gone to be with God.  I then registered with the organ donor register when that opened up.

Mike knows my wishes and in time so will Rachel.  I would like as much as my body to be used to help others as is possible.  However it is massively reassuring that they don't need to remember that or make any decision because by registering I have made it for them.

I am shocked that only a fraction of the population have registered to donate their organs.  If you would like to help someone have a better life if you die prematurely then please sign up to the organ donor register.

Give Life from Death.


commentfromalayminister said...

Emma, I agree with this - but just want to say there are reasons why some people ( and I'm one of them) don't carry a donor card.
I did before I was diagnosed with cancer. Now I don't because I know they won't accept them - you can never be sure the cancer is gone.
A great sadness for me.

janevir said...

If you choose to be a donor, don't worry about whether your "parts" are good enough! You made the biggest decision - to be a donor - so leave the rest up to the physician. You can still probably donate skin, corneas, etc. thank you for being an organ donor!