Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Love you neighbour of any sexuality 

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend who is feeling torn between pillar and post on the issue of Christianity and gay relationships.  

She has church friends who say she should be opposed to gay relationships; she has gay friends who can't believe she can be part of a church that doesn't accept them and she has gay Christian friends.  

What is the right answer?  
What should she think?  
What would Jesus do?
What does God want?

I shared what I think: I believe God made and loves us all.  How could He not be positive about those He made bisexual or gay?  

I reassured her that it's difficult, that this is one of the many issues which we will struggle with, that it's ok not to be sure.  Mostly I told her to pray about it and come to her decision, or no decision in her own time.

Then in the evening I saw this

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It made me smile but it also really struck me that this is where my clear acceptance of Gay Marriage comes from.  It is not for us to criticise or judge; that is God's place.  We do not know all of God, or even a fraction of God.  We have God's word and accepted theology through generations; but we do not have an all knowing clarity of what God thinks and accepts.

Quick caveat: I don't think the being gay or having gay sex is a sin! I use this cartoon because it says it's all in God's hands and not ours.

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