Wednesday, 28 March 2012

God heals us in the way He knows we need

I believe in prayer ministry and the healing power of God.  However I know that the healing we want is not always what God knows we need and this is where people start to doubt or pour scorn on the legitimacy of healing.  I generally try to ask for unspecific healing and allow God to provide what I need, but that's not always easy, especially when you're in any sort of pain (emotional or physical); so often I find myself asking for something specific.  I have been healed on these specifics, but I've also not been healed on other things.  It's only afterwards that I've realised that it's not been the right time or that something else needed healing more.  It's hard to trust, and I think it's today's gospel reading which has made me think about this again, but we need to trust that God knows what we need.  And to reinforce it, look what I found today....

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