Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We have control over our own story

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I don't mean that we literally have control over every aspect of our lives, in fact as I get older I realise how little control we really have. I mean that we can control how we respond to situations and deal with our emotions however we choose.

This is far from easy, I fail most days, but I remind myself that how I feel about stuff is all about me and not in anyone else's control.

I could dwell on things which cause me pain, but instead I hand them over to God. I could feel ongoing anger for people who annoy or hurt me, but instead I ask for God's help to feel calm and be forgiving. I could beat myself up for my mistakes, but instead I try to forgive myself, make amends and receive the forgiveness Jesus gives me.

I have control over how I deal with my story and treat others; so do you. Does that change how you will deal with tomorrow?

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