Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day Crafts at People, Prayers and Potatoes

PPP Mothers Day – 18 th March 2012

Does anyone know what day it is today?

Ask the kids to think of a woman that has spent more time helping them than anyone else.
Today, we are going to thank God for our mothers and for all mothers. We are going to think about how God is our mother and so is the church.


Handprint Coasters (paint and laminator)

Mothers Day bookmark signed on the back

Mum I love you a bunch (paint, template and fingers)

Thank you God for Mums poem (flower printing and paints)

I love Mum ….. Cube (glue and pens)

Mum you’re the icing on the cake…. You make life sweeter (cakes and icing)

Spoonful of love (spoons and chocolate hearts)

Paper bouquet (tissue paper and pipe cleaners)

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Carolyn said...

The pattern for the Mom, I love you a bunch! craft comes from on this page: I would appreciate a link to that page.

Carolyn Warvel
Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities