Thursday, 15 March 2012

it was going to be ok this time

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I can't believe it,
how can this be happening?
It was going to be OK this time;
this time was THE time.
And now?
Well now my hearts broken again,
Now my hope is gone.
Where do I go from here,
how do I keep going?
It's mothers day this weekend and again I'll be grieving.
I thought I'd cried enough tears,
thought I'd done enough time,
thought I'd waited patiently enough.
But I was wrong, again!
I thought I could let my heart feel, at last
But I turned it off before and have to do so again.
My baby is gone, hope is gone.

Written for week34 of #100wcgu reflecting on a memory from 8 years ago.


Andrea said...

So desperately sad and very touching :-(

Extremely well written, well done

Andrea x

Anonymous said...

A very sad reflection, touching my heart and hoping for healing.

Anonymous said...

Quite touching and sad. There's so much feeling in these 100 words...!