Friday, 9 July 2010

Crazy month of training

It has been just a month, not even that, since I last blogged and it feels like forever. I've been just so crazy busy.

In the last month I've completed my church history portfolio with an essay on the Background to the Nicene Creed, the timeline and a presentation on the history of my parish church focussing on mission.

I've attended a day on the Old Testament and from that written an essay on The Exodus as a motif throughout the Bible. I was completely overwhelmed with how to write about The Exodus but actually got massively engrossed in the motif and ended up reading five books on the theme, learning loads and enjoying the essay writing. It is written as a session for young people and I look forward to giving it to them one day if they fancy it.

Tomorrow sees the last course of the term with a day on the New Testament and then I intend to write an essay on Galatians. The idea is that I write a synposis of Paul's letter for their PCC, sounds fun but we'll see how easy or otherwise it actually is.

In the parish I have been busy with sunday school, I am now leading the team who deliver sunday school to the 4-10 year olds and am completely overhauling it. We are going to follow Bob Hartman's The Lion Children's Bible and go through the stories week on week. Each session is based on a 3 stage outline; meet with God and each other, minister on God's word and examine the mission of how God's word comes to life in our lives. I presented it to the other leaders this week and they love the idea and suggested that we create some posters, some attendance certificates and also rename the sunday school with a competition for the kids. I can't tell you how fantastic it is to bring a new leaf of life and spirit for this age group.

Our 16-18 year old group are really gelling as well. we meet once a month on an evening and have been discussing love this term. we have looked at dvds, music, discussed what it means in our lives, in relationships and with God; and last time we let them loose on doing some improv drama. I cried, I laughed and I was completely overwhelmed with the understanding, empathy and talent of our young people.

the family I volunteer with have been through a really hard time this month with the children taken into care yesterday. I have only now realised how hard the supporting role I have has been on me, the shock of this ending is going to take some considerable time to sink in, but through it all I pray that God holds them all close. This is my real minitry to me, out there, in the community, helping where I can and bringing Jesus' love into the world. I am blessed for the opportunity to do this and now ask for the strength to continue despite the emotional challenges.

well I think that's enough for now, I'm off for my supervision. Emma