Monday, 21 September 2020

Beneath the surface


Beneath the surface
Layers of unseen blessing
Mine your potential


Until a couple of years ago I didn't know that I had artistic ability hidden away inside me, I believed what the art teachers had told be at school.

With a tricky lockdown winter ahead it's good to focus on something positive, how about discovering the potential you have hidden away inside you. What could you try?

Hope transcending


Hope transcending
Faith calling
Words corralling
Tune humming

Yeast maturing
Dough kneading
Salt adding
Heat rising

Vision changing
Body embracing
Mirror dancing
Mindful observing

Impact examining
Family baking
Memory slipping
Peace creating

Vow breaking
Guilt hiding
Stitch punching
Fabric weaving

Trip taking
Transport checking
Coil stretching
Photo taking

Sky warping
Shared weeping
Secret trusting
Friendship aging

Creed writing
Patience stretching
Diamond glinting
Heat waning

Leaf falling
Scarf choosing
Autumn calling
Cloud dreaming


A poetic exploration of all autumn in its various meanings.

Keep straight and narrow


Messiness of life
Distilled into finer points
Aged to perfection
Keep straight and narrow
Avoid falling down deep holes
But enjoy each step

Warming hands and hearts


Nights start closing in
Gathering round the firepit
Warming hands and hearts

Pressurised stories


High rise skyscrapers
Pressurised stories building
Free geology

Map of a new, better world


My hands are unbelievably shaky today. I'm not sure why, it just happens sometimes as part of my #fnd

Instead of stressing about it and getting annoyed, I thought I'd embrace it. So here is what happened when I let the shakes do their thing in a mindful drawing of squiggles.

I think it looks like a map, perhaps it's a map of a new world, a world of peace and equality and compromise would be nice. A dream world.

What do you see?

You are loved


You are loved
Love keeps expanding
Love wants to be shared
Love is your greatest gift



Breathe deeply
Let go of anxiety
Release your soul to run free
Slow not fast
Row rivers of glass
Avoid pirates with cutlass
Take it slowly
Waters may be murky
But your sail boat is ready
Scene uphill
Fairy lights sparkle
Not dots before eyes, be still
Healthy vigour
Balanced with hot sugar 
We're all part of earth's flora
Prayerful sustenance
Faith grows with dissidence
Blank pages await utterance
No limitation
Partners' anticipation
Criminally anxious situation
Ripen lightly
Hailstorms fall nightly
Obscuring pain completely
Dream vacations
Human expectations
Forgotten safety limitations
Silent tea
Blessing you and me
Calming our storms at sea
Don't look back that way
Acceptance come what may
Picture perfect
History in neglect
Truth emerges with tough effect
Wall of mist
Memories may often twist
Trauma discovered in the midst



Joined in with the slow drawing squiggles led by @amymaricle this evening.

Really relaxing to squiggle and then see where they take you. This one took two routes; first to frame a sunset; second to embrace colour.

Grayson Perry - Drawing what I can't see

If you'd like to watch me chatting to Grayson Perry about what I can see or not, and how art brings me joy, then here is the clip on Channel 4

What a crazy 15 minutes of fame on the television talking to the inspirational Grayson Perry on Channel4 about sight loss, disability, FND, lockdown, creativity, art and mental health.

You should be able to watch it on catch up if you missed it

I just hope I might have helped some people know that there's so much beauty and hope in the world. As well as raising awareness about #fnd #sightloss
#disability #faithandmentalhealth
#mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #hope #faith 

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