Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Whimsical heirloom

A girl from down the street
Had something to celebrate
An heirloom left from granny
Preserved her whimsical fancy

Today by happenstance
I observed it when walking past
I reserved my commentary
But my transparency gave it away

The punk wanted to soar
Conserving the lion's roar
But the freeze of imperfection
Transfused the condensation

Awards it might deserve
For memories conserved
But my monologue tonight
Is a clutch of fear and fright

So tomorrow from first dawn
A riverbed's on my lawn
It'll saturate the grass
But that osmosis won't last

Within a week or so
Her statue will oodle below
Without a singe or flame
Our road will be pure again


Helen at Real Toads gave us a list of words as inspiration for our poetry today.  We were invited to use three but I couldn't resist the temptation to use them all.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Bound as family

two generations
an uneasy partnership
bound as family


Written to celebrate Sid and Tommy
Shared at Real Toads open link Monday

Sunday, 16 June 2013

You lift me up

You lift me up
With words of complete acceptance
You lift me up
With arms which set me free
You lift me up
When my heart feels Oh so heavy
You lift me up
Come fly away with me


Inspired by the image provided at magpie tales.

"The Promenade" Marc Chagall (1918)

Fathers Day

In honour of Mike
Fathers Day

My girl's number one man
Fathers Day

Giving kids
Unconditional love
Fathers Day

Showing kids
What love really means
Fathers Day


Dear dad
I miss you
Today as any other
I love you
Though you're not here me to father
I wish you
Could know how much I hurt
I know you
Can not duty desert
I forgive you
For all the ways you fail
I love you
Although we are estranged
Until I see you
Within my prayers you remain
Love Emma


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Thursday, 13 June 2013


summer night
lit naturally


Science fiction
Raising the heartbeat


These two haiga are both written as gifts to my wonderful pinnie girls.
Linked up at carpe diem.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Midsummer rain

fun on the beach
threatened by dark clouds
midsummer rain

midsummer rain
drizzling all over the beach
hole in the bucket


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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


locked up tight
don’t disturb


Inspired by this image of a Charleston Farmhouse Door provided by Magpie Tales this week.

Suzushi (coolness)

sun baked
begging for relief
ice cool


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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Me and my daughter disagree with @joswinson

Over the last few days
Jo Swinson's been super busy
Talking about women's issues
But I'm afraid I can't agree

First there's the issue of ambition
She wants us to aspire to more
Perhaps many of us women
Think careers aren't all that life's for

Take myself for example
I was at the top of my field
But when I became a mother
Business life no longer appealed

I no longer cared about success
Or a house that was perfectly styled
What mattered most to me now
Was bringing up a happy child

I didn't want to use a nursery
Leave her nurturing to someone else
I wanted to be at home for her
Give her values far beyond wealth

I sold my company with no hesitation
I gave five years to this girl of mine
I never regretted a second
My reward was to see her shine

Now at nearly seven
She's secure, happy and bright
Whilst she's at school I volunteer
Helping community in its plights

Which brings me to Jo's second issue
One even closer to my heart
This is about body image
And how to give girls the best start

"Don't call them beautiful" she tells us
"It fixates them on how they look"
Yes, if it's your sole praise of them
Please stop reading from that book

Most of us praise them constantly
Building our kids self esteem
I'll tell my girl that she's beautiful
And bright and hardworking and keen

Stop telling us parents how to do it
You're over simplifying the task
Leave us to love them and cherish
Or better still, for advice - us ask

We know what it is to parent
And we take it seriously
That's why we aren't so ambitious
Please stop criticising me


You'll have seen that my poems have been quite "rant filled" this week.  I can't tell you how good it feels to write down these annoyances I feel about those who rule our countries and feel they know what we need and want.   For more of Jo Swimson's thoughts visit her website.

Conservation farming in Malawi @tearfund

We've all heard about climate change
Melting ice caps and unseasonal rains
But have you heard of the other side
With droughts affecting those in poverty?

This is the situation across Malawi
Crops fail leaving families hungry
Tribal leaders come asking for help
Tearfund introduce conservation farming

Farmers are given drought resistant crops
Hardy, sturdy, with a high yield
No longer will they have no harvest
Their families tonight they'll feed

This is making a difference
This is a success story
Farmers are feeding communities
Across large parts of Malawi


This poem is written for Tearfund to celebrate the success of Conservation farming in villages in Malawi. The scheme is being delivered by Tearfund partner Eagles.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The immigration rant

I hope you're ready
That you're feeling brave
Today's the day
I have my say

I've held it in
I've bit my tongue
But that could only
Go on for so long

I have a lot
So much, to say
Because this issue's
Big in the UK

Stop blaming it all
On immigrants
Look closer to home
For deviants

It's not those
Searching a better life
Who threaten you
Your child or wife

They leave it all
Travel months on end
Come for work
Go if they're sent

Good people they're
Ambitious, Yes
But at least they try
To tidy up life's mess

We should welcome
Them one and all
Open our doors
Give them a call

These people know
What we neglect
We must work hard
To earn respect

They don't want gifts
They ask for nowt
Just safety to live
Their whole lives out

Our country's a mess
Look closer to home
Perhaps it's us
That should try and learn

Tonight I howl

Tonight I rant
No hints
Or subtly
Tonight I tell
Like it is but
Shouldn't be

Millions suffer
In pain
Millions die
To the bone

Thousands beg
For it
To change
Thousands shout
"Do you have
no shame?"

Hundreds hoard
Hundreds run

Majority silence
Majority apathy

Every one
Of us
Is damned
Unless ...... Every one
Of us
Will stand


This is my howl, my rant, my take on social commentary as an ode to the works of Allen Ginsberg.  It's linked up at Real Toads where you'll find lots more rants and howls.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tunnel of Love (Kleven, Ukraine)

Don't be afraid
When you can't see the end
Follow my lead

Don't be afraid
When the light is dim
Let me light your way

Don't be afraid
When the tracks just stop
Explore with me

Don't be afraid
When we're all alone
That I'll always be here

Don't be afraid
Where the tunnel leads
In our love forever


Linked up at Hannah's wonderful visual prompt at Real Toads.