Thursday, 21 December 2017

Would Jesus use social media? Oh yes he would!

Today the Diocese of Oxford shared a post about a question +Stephen had been asked....

Would Jesus use social media?

The image below is a summary of his response.


Jesus was found where crowds were. He never wrote any of his teaching but asked his disciples to share it. Not sure Jesus would have used social media but the church has always responded to new technology. Jesus would have a lot to say about it; he calls us to be contemplative, compassionate and courageous. That means... being present... These things aren't achievable or visible online. Being with one another matters.

Well I couldn't go to bed and let this go without sharing my own thoughts. Below are the words I posted in response and I thought should be on my blog.

"I am sure Jesus would have used social media. He drew people together across vast distances, he brought them to places they could hear him and he did different things than the religious leaders of the day. I'm sure he'd have held a Twitter party, instagrammed photos of the crowds and #sermononfb would have trended.

I'm disappointed by the response by +Stephen about how we need to be WITH one another rather than online. As a disabled person I can't leave home much, not at all on my own; and online is my lifeline and my community.

Online is one of the few places where I can CONTEMPLATE the teachings of Jesus - because I can be in a place of comfort at home and almost pain free, because I can access his teachings and reflections using my screen reader software and because online I can study with other people who are also trying to contemplate.  I can't do this in church any more.

Online I receive and give COMPASSION through church groups, friendship groups and wherever I find myself.  I get dozens of messages each day asking for my prayers and advice or just a listening ear. And I have many places I do likewise. Most of these people are not members of churches or can no longer get to churches, online is their lifeline.

And as for COURAGEOUS. There is little more courageous than sharing your faith or challenging a mistake about Christianity on Twitter - believe me, it's a minefield and one many of us tread with bravery, often receiving damage as we do.

These are things that aren't always visible but are very much achievable online and the church needs to start realising it."

What do you think?