Monday, 30 December 2013


Two thousand and thirteen
What a crazy year it's been
Full of ups as well as downs
Lots of smiles and a few frowns
In this verse I do recall
The year that's gone once and for all

Cold and bright
Change of meds
Brought me fright
Didn't know
What would be
Had no choice
But wait and see
Every day
Took in turn
Would I fold
Or could I learn?

February challenged me
With overwhelming anxiety
Depression lifted, that was great
But fear it had me in a state
Specialists said I had to cope
Only prayer gave me hope

March brought sun
And determination
I made a plan
But needed patience
It came along with
Special assistance
To help my journey
And remove resistance

April saw a breakthrough come
A break away made me feel young
Full of hope of what could be
We tackled it as a family

May saw me
On my feet
Walking again
Along the street
Fear was there
Not yet gone
Hope gave strength
To keep moving on

June saw smiles
And celebrations
I might survive
With medications
It wouldn't be
An easy ride
But I wasn't alone
With friends beside
Again I knew
What had been hidden
Life's a horse
It needs to be ridden

July was hot, a true heat wave
How we enjoyed those longer days
Especially since, at last I felt
Much more like my real self
Every day I woke up well
Felt like emerging from my shell

Into August
This all continued
Though sometimes
I had a high mood
So much better
Than falling flat
Nothing could be
Worse than that
Made the best
Of the energy
Went to Europe
Friends to see

Back to specialist in September
Asked about mood, as I remember
Suggested that we "tone it down"
This received a simple frown
Instead agreed to watch and learn
Mindful of any low return

October was a tricky one
Very pleased when it was done
Had to get a grip on workload
Better than burnout after overload
Balance is as balance does
Keep my mind from gaining fuzz
Getting rest a useful tool
My new number seven rule

November saw anxiety raised
As the diary became quite crazed
Had to sort it out quite quick
Managed it, almost slick
Only thing that slipped the net
Was getting cats to the vet

December, well it's always manic
But this year there wasn't panic
Everything was fully enjoyed
Sang the carols over joyed
Of course exhaustion did result
But I bounced without a catapult
Think I'm learning, slowly yes
At least I can reflect, with jest

This is the year
That now is done
Would I repeat
This specific one?
Yes, and no
I'm not quite sure
I'd never close
A single door
But for all I've learned
And that is much
I'd prefer to avoid
The pain I've touched
Would I change it?
In many ways
Especially the
Harder days
But then again
They give me truth
God will take that
It'll have a use

And as for what I'll take with me
That is knowing what me I'll be
How I tick
What I need
When to rest
When to lead
Where I'm needed
Where I'm not
What I've got
(I've got a lot)
What is sane
Does it matter?
By God's grace
We're all in tatters

This is the year
That has now gone
That is the year
I'll build upon
This is the year
Of heaven and hell
This is the year
I nearly fell
This is the year
I learned to crawl
This is the year
I stood up tall
This is the year
Held by a net
This is the year
I'll never forget

If YOU read this and understand
Take my thanks and let it land
Without your help in many ways
I'd have reached the end of days
Thank you for your company
Thanks most for letting me be me!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The first christmas day

Many years ago
In a town called Nazareth
A young girl called Mary was praying

An angel appeared
In the sky above her head
And this is what the angel was saying

"Fear not Mary
Do not be afraid
You're going to have a baby boy

God has chosen you
To be the baby's mum
He'll fill the world with love and joy!"

Soon it was time
For the baby to be born
But they had to go to Bethlehem

They packed up their things
Loaded up a donkey
You'll never guess what happened then

They knocked on the doors
Of every single inn
But each said there wasn't any room

At last they did find
A stable that was free
And THAT is where Jesus was born

On a hill side
Shepherds guarding sheep
Saw a bright light appear in the sky

"Fear not" they heard
From angels over head
"A saviour has been born this night"

They followed from the hill
Into Bethlehem town
To the stable where Jesus did lie

They knelt down in awe
Worshipping the baby boy
They knew a better time was nigh

Far far away
Wise men watching stars
Saw something new that was GREAT

"A king has been born
We must go visit him
Come on, hurry, we're going to be late"

They found little Jesus
An ordinary boy
But they knew he was actually a king

They gave him three gifts
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
The greatest gifts, worth everything

This is my tale
Of the first christmas day
I hope you like what I have done

Jesus is love
Born for ALL of us
His joy is for us all, every one.

(c) Emma Major

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sid is home

Sid is home
Adventure done
Tired and hungry
But safe and sound

A mile away
Perhaps a bit more
He turned up at
A stangers door

Looking sad
He caught their eye
They took him in
They fed him pie*

When he didn't leave
They phoned their vet
Who said he sounded
Like our lost pet

They rang me up
Told me all about
The cat they found
I tried not to shout (with joy)

The joy I felt
Was all consuming
But nothing like what
I felt when I saw him

Now he's home
Back here at last
My fears unfounded
What's done is past

But from now on
We'll keep an eye
Make sure he's safe
With no wandering eye

* actually it was dog food but that didn't rhyme :)

Where are you Sid? I miss you boy

Where are you Sid? I miss you boy
My baby for so long
Thirteen years have been a joy
I miss you now you're gone

Should I keep on hoping
Or accept that you are gone?
The unknowing is the worst
Giving up feels so wrong

But in my heart I do not think
I'll hold you ever again
Please prove me wrong and walk back in
It'll take away this pain

Sid where are you?

Sid where are you? we wish we knew
We miss you oh so much
Your ever presence round our feet
Your endless stash of love

We miss your purr, your meow too
You never go like this
Our hearts are heavy with the pain
We keep filling your dish

We can't give up, we still have hope
But day by day it fades
As freezing fog rolls through the night
And hours turn into days

Are you trapped? or sick somewhere?
Or has your time run out?
We wish we knew, could hold you close
Instead we're left with doubt

If you hear us please cry out
We long to hold you tight
We'll help you heal or hold you close
We'll do whatever's right.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christingle Poem 2013

It's that time of year when I am in the midst of planning for a myriad of christmas services and parties and events at church.  One of the earliest of the season, and one of my favourite, is the Christingle Service.  Last year I wrote a poem about Christingle and I was going to include it in our order of service for this year but decided it wasn't quite right; so here it is amended/updated/perfected (I wish).

If the orange is the world
And the candle is the light
Then we know Jesus is with us
Every day and every night

If the sweets are the seasons
And gifts given by Him
Then we know to always thank God
To cheer and clap and sing

If the ribbon is Jesus’ blood
His love wrapped round us all
Then no one needs feel lonely
He'll catch us when we fall

This is the Christingle
A service full of fun
Raising money for little children
God loves us, every one.

© Emma Major

For more information about The Children's Society please visit their website 

For a fully prepared Messy Church Christingle click here 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Praying for the Philippines

We don't know what to ask for
We don't know what to do
So we get on our knees to pray
Pray for help from you
Help all the many people
Displaced from their homes
All the kids and adults
Nothing to do but roam
Help relief organisations
Bringing relief where they can
Help every single person
Know how to help their fellow man
Help us in our comfy homes
Do all we can today
Give money to relief funds
And pray and pray and pray

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remembrance Sunday #haiku

In remembrance
Of those who died for us
Poppy made of prayer

Poppy made by the children of God Squad at St Nicolas Earley.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kingfisher #tanrenga

It's another tan renga challenge by Carpe Diem.

river stones
caressed by flowing water
pale moon shines                                        (Becca Givens)

Scales reflect and dazzle
Kingfisher confused gives up

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tower of Babel Messy Church

Today at St Nicolas Earley we had People, Prayers and Potatoes Messy Church on the theme of The Tower of Babel.

I started by telling the story of The Tower of Babel and then they had 10 activities to have a go at:
1. Marshmallow and straw towers
2. Cracker and cream cheese towers
3. Plastic cup towers
4. Junk modelling towers
5. Garden Jenga
6. "Our big art" Tower
7. Building to God painting
8. The names of God picture
9. Building blocks to God picture
10. Sponge towers

The Tower building activities were really popular and some kids enjoyed making something to take home as well.  One thing's for sure; it was a huge amount of fun for everyone.

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Frozen leaf #tanrenga

Bjorn Rudberg wrote this haiku and carpe diem challenged us to wrote a second stanza.

morning shimmer
dew frosting on furze
a single leaf falls

Here are my attempts at competing the Tan Renga:

morning shimmer
dew frosting on furze
a single leaf falls

Silently drifting downward
Caught on a young deers nose


morning shimmer
dew frosting on furze
a single leaf falls

In the empty forest glade
No one hears, does it fall?


morning shimmer
dew frosting on furze
a single leaf falls

Frozen forever; glass-like
Hits the ground hard; shatters, gone

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lifting the veil #haiku

One unsteady step
With a new but unknown love
Leaving fear behind

Written in response to "lifting the veil" at haiku my heart.

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Meditative peace #haiku

Carpe diem asks us again to complete the Haiku:

chanting and humming
gongs immerse the green valley

chanting and humming
gongs immerse the green valley
Mediation's calm

chanting and humming
gongs immerse the green valley
Birds still on the wing

chanting and humming
gongs immerse the green valley
Panda knows to hide

chanting and humming
gongs immerse the green valley
No fear anywhere

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New Life #haibun

This month's haibun challenge at Carpe Diem requires us to intertwine prose and haiku including the five words flowers; full moon; celebrating; winter and breeze.  Here is my attempt.

Flowers all are gone
Winter chill is on the breeze
Full moon lights the night

It's November, not the usual time to celebrate new life; but if we look beneath the surface we will see flora and fauna springing with activity.  Hedgehogs and squirrels are in the final collection phase ready for their new life of winter sleep. 

Off to hibernate
We must hurry, can't be late
Into winter state

Birds are gathering strength to fight the winds on wings to new winter lives in sun and warmth. 

Full of energy
For long trip we are ready
Day goodbye to me

Plants are shedding unnecessary weights, preparing for new life in snow and ice.

Old departed leaves
Shed upon the soggy ground
What a huge relief

New life may not be our focus over the next four months but we will gain new insights and new experiences which will form a new life within us.

Celebrate all change
In the new we live and learn
Broaden our range

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By the garden path #tanrenga

by the garden path
an upside down flowerpot
cottage for a toad

Stalked by a lively cat
Toy he hopes not to destroy

The second stanza (7-7) is a tan Renga response to Mark Redfearn's haiku; inspired by Tommy who turned once yesterday and can hunt but not kill (yet)!

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Friday, 1 November 2013

Scarecrow #tanrenga

The challenge is to write a 7-7 Tan Renga stanza response to the Haiku Stanza:

wind jostles the scarecrow
near the heavy-hung cornstalks
the summer is spent

Leaves swirl around soft straw legs
Dizzy, he falls on the ground

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Fence #haiku

Sitting on the fence
Pretending no difference
Neither making sense

Inspired by a prompt at carpe diem

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hedgehog #haiku

Hedgehog so spiky
Seeing you is a rare treat
Scuttling tiny feet

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Starfish #haiku

Starfish lieing still
Waiting for a fish to kill
Do they cry so shrill?

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Caterpillar #haiku

Green Caterpillar
Looks so cute but eats so much
Gardeners worst fear

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Penguin #haiku

Creature of the snow
Penguin what's your origin?
Do you fly or swim?

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Ladybird #haiku

Spotty dotty bug
Red and Black with wings encased
Beautiful lady

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Sheep #haiku

Curly wurly sheep
You don't ever help me sleep
Into dreams I creep

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Octopus #haiku

Eight legged octopus
Bundle of tickles galore
No, please, no more

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Owl # haiku

Wise old owl I see
Sitting up there in a tree
Why you stare at me?

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Butterfly #haiku

Butterfly Beauty
Covered in colours galore
Flutter and fly away home

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Elephant #haiku

Here's an elephant
Big and grey and very strong
Soft hearted giant

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Prince George's Christening #haiku

Prince George baptised
Surrounded by love and grace
Truly joyful day

With prayers and wishes
We send you today


What can sum up the joy of a christening than a haiku or two?

Raining cats and dogs #haiku

Raining cats and dogs
Splashing down on ducks and frogs
Stunning cows and hogs

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Red tricycle

Alone in a ditch
Bruised pride and dirty knees
A long walk back home

Inspired by this image provided by Carpe diem 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Missing a wife make the haiku complete

I can't pass on a challenge, when it comes to poetry especially. But this one is mega hard.  We're challenged to complete a Basho haiku from the early seventeenth century.

missing a wife
the bamboo grass dives under

I tried:

missing a wife
the bamboo grass dives under
trouble and strife

But it was too flippant.
I tried:

missing a wife
the bamboo grass dives under
giving up on life

But that was a little depressing.
I tried:

missing a wife
the bamboo grass dives under
cutting like a knife

At which point I admitted defeat.  At least I tried Hey? As did others at  carpe diem 

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Sunday, 20 October 2013


Mistakes I do make
Allow me, coz risks I take
Forgive my mistake

A haiku from the heart today as I plead for forgiveness; linked up at  carpe diem 

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Little flower #thanbauk

Small bud on wing
To me sing now
You bring me love

This was written for the "Little Ones" episode #6 from Carpe Diem; it is a Burmese poetry form called 'Thanbauk'.

It consists of three lines of four syllables each. Traditionally, they are full of humour. It also has a rhyme in it. The rhyme is on the fourth syllable of the first line, the third syllable of the second, and on the second syllable of the third.


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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Symbiotic Trinity #haiku

Father of us all
Son, made man, came down to earth
Spirit still here now

We believe in one
We believe in three of them
Three are one are all

These haiku are written in response to  carpe diem prompt "symbiotic".

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Four bright shining stars
Playing in the sky above
This thought will heal me

A haiku of positivity through grief for  carpe diem 

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Day 15. Wave of Light. #captureyourgrief

Tonight my little stars
I think of you and cry
I wish you could have stayed
It hurt to say goodbye

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 7. You Now. #captureyourgrief

Day 7. You Now.

Now you are light
Bright in my heart
Yet invisible to everyone else.
Now you are love
Growing in heaven
Protected from the pain on Earth.

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Butterfly Awards - Seven days to vote

This is the tenth babyloss awareness week I'll live through knowing exactly why it's needed.  This year it's such a massive week ahead of me.  There's a book launch on Friday; the babyloss remembrance service on Sunday and a week of voting for the Butterfly Awards.

How do I feel right now?
This is some of it.

Seven days to go
We'll remember them all
The babies who died too soon
Seven days from now
I'll blow out the lights
Until all that's left is the moon
Seven days will go
So fast, I know
Listening to remembrance service's tune

Seven days to go
How it'll be, I don't know
I'm putting my nerves away
Seven days from now
I'll be at the end of
A long and emotional day
Seven days will go
Some fast, some slow
My memories only will stay

Seven days to go
For you to vote
For me, if you can share
Seven days from now
The counting will start
For all those who help and care
Seven days will go
So fast, I know
With The Butterfly Awards in public glare

If you'd like to vote for me then these are the links:
Spiritual Support

Whilst you're at The Butterfly Awards webpage have a look at all the categories and the amazing people who are being celebrated at the awards; they all deserve recognition and celebration.