Thursday, 31 January 2013

Kindness: a to z of mental health

What can I say?
Give me words of love
How can I help?
Don't expect too much

What shall I do?
Just being with me is great
What do you need?
Regular meals to eat

What's your aim?
To get through the day
Should I leave you alone?
Please don't go away

Would you like to go out?
If you can help me get there
Can I go wrong?
Not if you care

I'll love you at the dark side of the stars

I'll love you forever
Much further than the moon and back
I'll love you through the planets
And out into the star systems
I'll love you beyond all galaxies
Through black holes and gas giants
I'll love you beyond Orion
The big dipper, plough and bear
I'll love you when the stars are gone
When light is a thing of the past
I'll love you at the dark side of the stars
I'll love you forever


For Rachel. 
Linked up at Jenny Matlock's blog.

Grand canyon love

Deep as my love for you
Wide as the gulf between
Sheer as my endless pain
Winding as our lives have been

Colourful as our arguments
Barren as the months apart
Sturdy as our divisions
Soft as your lips at last


Linked up at 100 word challenge for grown ups

Do you see it?

Do you see it?
Do you?
It's, it's, it's a mouse!

Catch it now
Catch it
Come on
Don't let it get away!

It's so exciting
So exciting
It wants me to chase it!

I've got it
I've got the mouse!

It's not playing
Come on mouse
What's wrong?
Don't you want to play?

It's stopped playing
I'm bored
Oh well
Bye bye mouse

Do you see it?
Do you?
It's, it's, it's a mouse!


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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

When all is said and done

When all is said and done
We can't change what has gone
We must keep moving on
Even when the road seems long
Don't worry about where you're from
It's the past, just move along
Don't feel fear, you can be strong
When all is said and done


Linked up at Carry on Tuesday

Inside out porcupine?

Oh so spiky sharp
Threatening all who come near
Yet soft at heart really

Would it be better
To be an inside out


Linked up at weekend haiku

On the edge

I'm so on the edge
Feeling raw to the bone
As I look in the mirror

My thoughts are vast
My impressions are scattered
Here comes the mist

All seems curved
Everything's out of scale
Tattered like straw

A sound chimes
A bat flies



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Monday, 28 January 2013

Haiku: What am I?

A favourite eat
Cold or with heat, what am I
Answer is found here


Thanks to bifocal univision for the fabulous photo.

Metal flower

Silver petals
All the same
All perfect
Carefully arranged

No flaw, no claw
No damaged part
All symmetrical
Right from the start

Designed, created
To be strong
Made meticulously
Nothing went wrong

But something did
They missed the point
A flower is more
Than measured joints

Without the love
The breath of life
This flower is just
A metal knife

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Why I blog

Why do I blog?
How could I not
So much to say
The words won't stop

I need to produce
God gave me this need
All I have to do
Is follow where He leads

And what do I say?
That's different each day
Inspired from above
I trust it's God's way

Should you blog too?
Yes, have a go
If it's meant to be
The words will flow


A poetic response to Faithful Bloggers group writing project answering the question "why do you blog?".

Renewing my subscription

I subscribe to you
Everything you say and do
I am listening

I subscribe to you
My life I give to you
I am following

I subscribe to you
I can't thank you enough for
Being my saviour.



Linked up at Sunday scribblings


Oh my trembling heart
Resist, don't take that massive leap
I can't rescue you


Linked up at haiku heights

Change the record

Change the record
But which one to pick?
Perhaps a ballad to dance to
Or a rock track with kick

A folk tune with bells on
Or country in lines
Something quite bluesy
Or jazz without rhymes

This one looks good
The velvet underground
But what will he think
Too many choices abound


Linked up at magpie tales where the photo was the prompt.

Spoiling the kids

Doesn't she get enough attention?
No, how can that even be mentioned.
But as an only child, she might
End up spoiled, a frightful sight

Of course she won't, she's not like that
She could never be anything like a brat
You say that now, but mark my words
One day you'll regret she was undeterred

Undeterred, she never has a chance
Come and see our parenting dance
I'm OK thanks, I know I'm right
No problem, see you later, good night.


This took the last line of last gaga 55 as it's starting point; I'm enjoying turning the original poems on their head in some way or another.  I think this might be my favourite real toads prompt ever.

Don't compare to others all the time

Don't compare to others all the time
It'll drive you mad along the line
How many clubs?
What grades at school?
Were they good at home?
Are they cool?

It's better just to wait and see
Be the parent you were meant to be
In time enough
It'll all turn out
One way or the other
No matter how you shout


Another poem inspired by the last line of a previous poem; this time it was Judge Jealousy.

Then this might be just the book for you

Then this might be 
Just the book for you
This one here
The one in blue

It doesn't look much
But I promise you this
Every single chapter
Will make you wish

That you could read quicker
And absorb it all
As you get further
You'll be in free fall

As suspension builds
And the hero goes bad
You might wonder if
The author's gone mad

But please believe me
You'll be glad indeed
If you pick this book
For your next read.


Susan at Real Toads challenged us to take the last line of a recent poem and make it the first line of the next poem.  I just went to the last poem I wrote "This is my story, this is my song" released and this is what came; it was a lot of fun and I think I'll be doing it a few more times this afternoon.

"This is my story; this is my song" released on Kindle

Today I have some wonderful news
My first book of poetry is finally done
On Amazon Kindle you can purchase
"This is my story; this is my song"

This book is both my story and my song
It is the story of my babies who died before they were born
It is my song of healing and hope in grief
Given to others as a gift

It's a book of poems written over the years
About miscarriage, grief and what comes next
It's a gift from me to all who need
To know they're not alone, they're not annexed

 The monies from this book will not be mine
They're going to a charity to support their work
Work with parents, families and friends

Work with specialists to allow their research spark

 If you want to support the MA's work
Or find out more about what I've been through
Or give a gift to a friend who's bereaved
Then this might just be the book for you 

To purchase a copy of "This is my story, this is my song" just click on the photo below.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Judge jealousy: A to Z of mental health

I'm jealously watching the others
The ones who seem to be ok
Who go about their world like normal
Never worrying which they do or say

I know I shouldn't judge them
But it's hard from over here
They don't look like they have any issues
Nothing that they need to fear

But perhaps they also see me
And think I'm doing fine
The moral of this story is
Don't compare to others all the time

Friday, 25 January 2013

Last gaga 55

Today in the news
Lady gaga is our muse
She went to a wedding
Look at what she was wearing
The bride wasn't amused
Most guests were bemused
Apparently it's a statement
About marriage entrapment
But all I can think
Is why she caused a stink
What was her intention?
Doesn't she get enough attention?


Fifty five words linked up at Mr know it all Thursday portrait.

Roll up roll up

Roll up
Roll up
Ripe bananas
Perfect apples
Roasting potatoes

Roll up
Roll up
Treat yourself
Fresh Oysters
Half price

Roll up
Roll up
New world
Ready now

Roll up
Roll up
Best in Raleigh
Freshest in
North Carolina

Roll up
Roll up
You can
Always trust


Inspired by the photo from sepia Saturday.
This photo is one hundred years old and is of the Dughi family store in Raleigh, North Carolina. The photograph is part of the collection of the State Archives of North Carolina.


I'm retiring
From worry
From stress
From expectation
I'm just not sure how

Do I submit a request?
Is there someone to register with?
Do I get a certificate?

I'm going to spend more time
With happiness
With relaxation
With fun
Want to join me?


Linked up at one single impression

We don't talk anymore

You might not have noticed
In fact I doubt you care, why would you realise
We don't talk anymore, not like we used to do
Is that what we've come to?
You know there's something worse
I don't think I care, it's easier to be like this
We don't talk anymore
What would we talk about?

So what do we do with this?
Just continue as we were, or actually change things?
What do you want, I have no clue at all
We don't talk anymore
We just don't anymore
Don't talk, don't touch, don't do anything together
We don't exist together
Not anymore, not now


Inspired by "alibi" by Dessa provided as a sound prompt by Marian at real toads. Also shared at theme Thursday.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tomatoes are red

Tomatoes are red
Beetroots are blue
Lettuces are green
That's a salad for you

Aubergines are purple
Chillis are ruby
Peppers are yellow
Great on a barbey

Vegetables of all colours
With a balance of health
Good for the soul
And if you grow them, your wealth


Linked up at Jenny Matlock's blog where the photo was provided as a prompt.

Joke: A to Z of children's work

            There are lessons to teach
                    Craft to complete
                     Prayers to write
                     Candles to light
               But there's also room
                       Always room
                        For a laugh
                         And a joke
              Bringing stories to life
             With laughter and song
                 Is a fantastic way
       To make the lesson stay long
                  In the memories
                       Of the kids
                 Who'll repeat it all
                 Through the week
             So don't avoid the funny
              Or suppress that laugh
                Because the giggles
                    And enjoyment
           Will be the lessons that last
                          And last
                 And go down deep
                  And stay forever
               And that's our hope
                        And prayer
                          For ever

A rule breaking haiku

I like rules, I really do
There for a reason
Make things safer for all

Yet what I don't like to be
Is constrained by them
Flexibility is good

So therefore the question is
What makes a rule break
I'll let you decide on some:

Was it ok for politicians
To bend the rules
For their own self benefits?

How about for America
To use torture
To stop terrorist acts?

Or for you to tell me that
My bum doesn't look
Fat in this teeny skirt?

What do you think about those?
Which rules can be broke?
I'll leave it on your safe hands


Linked up at Breaking all the rules at poetry jam.  If you don't know the rules of haiku writing you might like to know that I've broken the consonants rule from 5,7,5 to 7,5,7 - aren't I a rebel!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Enough food for everyone IF we all share

Here are some facts
Which make me feel quite sick
How can we go on
Without changing it?

One in eight people
On this planet of ours
Are malnourished and
At risk of being starved

Two million children will
Die of starvation this year
This could be stopped
If we showed we really care

It is not as IF
There's a food shortage
It just needs distributing
To the people in need

This year the UK
Is leading the G8
Now is the chance
To really make a change

We must stand up
And make our leaders hear
That we won't sit back
And let people live in fear

Policies need reviewing
There needs to be a change
Providing food for the hungry
We know it CAN be arranged


Today I've received emails from three organisations I support; world vision, one and tearfund.  These are just three of nearly 100 charities in the UK that have joined together to make a difference to those in poverty with the IF campaign

The IF campaign need us to support them in their desire to end world poverty, all they need is our support and our signatures.  I've signed and now I've penned this for your information and enjoyment. 

Please go and show your support as well
Add your voice today by clicking here

I've also been asked to provide a link to the save the children link here


I don't wish to brag
I know it's not polite
But it'd be rude not to tell
About my icy stalactites

They sprouted from my windows
Growing more each night
They're a gorgeous decoration
These wintry stalactites


Brag, icy, polite are the words provided this week at three word Wednesday.

Pewalosi and Noshcrea

Land of ideals
Saturated in calm
Laced with genteel

Woods of peace
Savannah of silence
Lakes of warmth
Deserts of love

Caves of longing
Cliffs of quiet
Streams of wishes
Dunes of kisses

Everything dark
Banished away
Leaving Pewalosi
Peaceful each day

But just outside
From Noshcrea
The noise invades
Screams and shouts

The dark has grouped
Together in force
Pewalosi may be perfect
But Noshcrea is worse


Linked up at World building at real toads.  I set out to write a poem about my perfect land but quickly realised there'd be a shadow side needed elsewhere. This might become a work in progress.

How to fence wallet

Well done me lads
You've picked a good pocket or two
Now listen good
I'm going to tell you whatta do
Don't bring 'em wallets to me
No boys no
What would I do wiv 'em?
There's somewhere else to go
My mate Bill
He's the fencer yeah
Take 'em to him
You'll get your share
Then bring tha' to me
Don't hesitate right
Pay for your tea
Before out again for the night


This poem is inspired by Dickens' Oliver Twist and this picture by George Cruikshank entitled Fagin's Thieves. It's linked up with other fence poems at Poets United.

My rock, my love

When times are hard you
Are my rock, supporting my
Face from the harsh winds

When I am weak you
Are my rock, supporting my
Head above the waves

When fear creeps up you
Are my rock, supporting my
Mind from peering eyes

When I'm lonely you
Are my rock, supporting my
Heart with all your love


Linked at crazy with twins Wednesday words

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Allow me to care

When you need me
You need only call
Reach out your hand
I'll catch you when you fall

I won't weigh you down
I'll lighten your load
Take me with you
Down each and every road

I have no need
Of anything from you
Just take me with you
In all you do

Hold my hand
Allow me to care
Say the word
And I'll be there


Inspired by and linked at Poetic Bloomings 


Deep and thick it came
Covering all the world we knew
Transforming it all

No more green to see
Now a world in black and white
Colour drained and gone

Light found a new home
Bouncing round, playing it's games
Racing over dark

The extreme weather
Meant our world was transformed
Into something strange

Not worse or better
Just different from our usual
And then it was gone

And then we missed it
We regretted our complaints
And we reminisced


Linked up at Julia's place for the 100 word challenge for grown ups with the prompt:
....the extreme weather meant…

It's Time

It's time to go
Not yet, you can't
I must, it's ok, I'm not scared
But I am, please stay
No more, it's today
But please, I'm begging
I know, but believe me, it's time
It can't be
It is my love
I can't bear the pain of leaving
I know but the joy of meeting again will be worth it
Do you promise?
I do, let me go
I love you
And I love you; I always will

Linked up at Carry on Tuesday for the prompt - "The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again" from Charles Dickens' Nicholas Nickleby.

Not the end

Before was pure pain
Through my chest, stomach and arm
Fear overtook me

During was quiet
No fear or concern, just love
A knowing somehow

After was pure joy
Completely overwhelming
More than expected


Linked up at Tuesday try outs

High stepping haiku

Icy frozen grass
Covered in all this white stuff
Too cold on my paws

Can't get across it
But desperately need to go
I'll have to be fast

Bounce, spring, launch and pounce
Means paws won't even touch it
My high stepping dance

Monday, 21 January 2013

The building site of life

Building bricks piled up
Waiting for the plan to form
Patient in their strength

Empty site waits too
Wondering what's coming next
Excited in hope

Builders check diaries
Worrying it might not work
Hoping call comes soon

Owners keep calling
Stressed about the future
Can't sleep for the fear

Which of these are you?
Bricks, site, builders or owners
How are you with life?


Inspired by the image.
Linked up at bifocal univision.

Natures art

Natures art
Snow flakes
Pearls in the air

Soft as linen
Tough as bone
Sticky yet smooth

Charged filaments
Of wonder
Call us to play

Beware though
When they knock
The skin reacts

Then they melt
Fading away
Cell by cell

And it's gone
Captured only
In memory


Inspired by a photo by Moira Astin, jncorporating the words provided at the Sunday whirl.

Je t'aime

I love you today
I loved you yesterday too
I'll always love you

Je t'aime aujourd'hui
Je t'aimais hier aussi je
t'aimerai toujours


D'verse challenged us to pen a poem in a foreign language.  I love French and wondered if I could write a haiku that worked in both languages.  And it does, I'm impressed.  Hope you like. 

Dusk dreams

When dusk falls we dream
Of the tomorrow to come
Praying for pure joy


Linked up at haiku heights

An hour in the life of a kitten

Wake up, it's loud
Stretch and look around
Go to the loo
Wonder what to do
Spot my toy
Oh what joy
Cart it about
Scratch it's eyes out
Pounce on it's tail
Will not fail
Show it who's boss
If you won't play, that's your loss
Feeling kinda tired
But I'm still wired
Have a bite to eat
Weary on my feet
Sit on my mat
Asleep, purring cat

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A woman who hated to clean

A woman who hated to clean
Thought it was terribly mean
Of dust to collect
Where eyes would inspect
So she put everything in polythene


Inspired by and linked up at Mad Kanes Limerick Off.

Decorating candles

Take a boring candle
Bling it all the way
With some glue and glitter
Or some sparkly paint

Try different methods
You will be amazed
By what you create
And the effect achieved

Frozen world

Frozen stock still
Hidden and quiet
Water transformed
Everything different

Ducks in hiding
Fish at rest
Frogs despairing
Nature to the test

Hibernation time
No action for me
Waiting for the thaw
When life again we'll see

You think I'm just a kitten

You think I'm just a kitten
So little do you know
I'm actually a spy
Observing human lives

Watch out
We're learning about you
Soon we will be ready
For world domination

Today I observed
All about your cars
The way they zoom
How they crash and burn

You let me into your test zone
Your security needs improvement
But it's too late now
Because now I know

I may be a kitten to you
But I am a secret agent
Watch out what you show me
One day it might be used against you

Ninja warning

Be afraid
Be very afraid
I'm coming to get you

With a kick and a chop
You won't get away
I'm coming to get you

I'm a ninja specialist
I'll get you so you better
Keep an eye out

With a cha and a pow
You'll not know what to do
Keep an eye out

When I come around
You'll feel the fear
I'm coming to get you
Keep an eye out

Holding hands

What can be cuter
Than two kids holding hands?
It melts my heart completely
Makes me stop where I stand

But if I'm truly honest
What really makes me smile
Is seeing two old people
Holding hands in their own style


Photograph provided by magpie tales where this poem is linked up.

Up to no good

Look at these two
Do you see what I see?
Four mischievous eyes
Looking at me

They don't look innocent
They're up to no good
Would YOU trust them?
I would if I could

I know that the moment
I turn back around
Those cats will be fighting
Rolling on the ground

I don't think they mean
To cause each other pain
I'm almost sure that
It's all a big game

But even so, I don't trust them
To stop when they should
So I don't listen to their pleas
"We'll try to be good"

Instead I keep my eye on them
Make sure that they're safe
And when I go out I don't
Leave them in the same place

Praying a labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth
Is a type of pilgrimage
Going from where you are right now
To God and back again in prayer

There's no right way to do it
It's different for us all
That you walk and pray the route
Is what matters most of all

You can pray about a question
Or walk to clear your mind
You can use it to focus yourself
Or to review what's gone behind

Many find it healing
Bringing inner turmoil to a rest
Others work out issues
Using the wall as a quest

What matters most when walking
Is to leave the world outside
Ask God to walk alongside you
And allow your soul to open wide

For more information I recommend these sacred labyrinth pages.

Be a creator

God made us and loves us
This we know to be true
But how would it be
If we could create too?

If you ask kids to do this
I think you'll be surprised
How much they put in it
And what they feel inside

They create amazing creatures
Which they care for and love
Being a creator helps them
Bring to life God above