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Press Release
Front cover of Little Guy. 
Little Guy is audio described here

Little Guy 
Journey of Hope
By Emma Major

Published by Wild Goose Publications

Emma has been writing poetry for many years but has never been able to draw, even less so since losing most of her sight in 2015. 

Yet she woke up one day in January 2020 with three pictures and their poems in her mind, knowing that she  had to get them onto paper.  In less than two weeks, 25 poems and drawings of "Little Guy" emerged.  

She had an inkling this was God at work, how else would this ability to draw suddenly appear.  However it didn't make a lot of sense why there was such a rush to get them onto paper.  Then, less than a month later, coronavirus appeared in the UK.  Now we're all isolating.  Now the rush to get Little Guy onto paper makes sense. 

Little Guy starts off anxious and depressed, before moving through hope and trust to a point where he is able to relate to the world and thrive again.  Little Guy journeys with us.

Little Guy is published by Wild Goose Publishing, part of The Iona Community.  Wild Goose saw that Little Guy spoke into our current situation.  They have developed the book from simple hand drawn pictures and poems to a completed e-book in less than three weeks for publication on 1st May 2020.

Little guy sits on a cliff looking down to the ground. He is silhouetted in front of a full moon and looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Audio Description

Emma is severely sight impaired and can no longer read printed text.  She has recorded audio descriptions of every picture in the Little Guy book to ensure that everyone can access it.

Follow the link below to the YouTube playlist of every picture of Little Guy, a description of Little Guy himself and an introduction by Emma.

Author bio

Emma has been writing poetry for many years. She has poems in a number of poetry collections, has produced three books of poems as well co-authoring books on prayer, ministry and mental health.  Emma is a minister at St Nicolas Church in Earley and, when not shielding during a pandemic, is a regular sight navigating the area in her wheelchair.

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