Saturday, 1 January 2011



Its the first of January 2011 and mathematically that appeals to me 1.1.11.

Why is that?
Well there's the fact that I adore numbers, always have done, I'm fascinated with them.  I can remember huge strings of numbers much better than names or words, my brain is wired that way I guess.  

Then there's the simplicity of it, a line of 1s. Simple, easy, stress free, no pressure, uncomplicated, without expectations.  What better way to feel at the start of the year.

It's also the start; of a counter, the beginning of newness, the commencement of a journey this year. It's a new start, leaving previous problems and worries behind.

But more than that ......
I can't see much in my minds eye, but I can see numerical patterns. More comes to mind when I think of dimensions than when I think of beauty for example. And I'm sure that's why music is so important to me, it's rhythm and note length and vibrations, all mathematically linked. 

And when I saw 1.1.11 this morning I saw 1 up, 1 across, and an equals sign.   

The cross =

And that has spoken to me this morning. What does the cross say to me this year? What does it offer me this year specifically? What does it lead me to?

1.1.11 is new and exciting. Today a journey starts afresh into the world with the cross at the centre.

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UKViewer said...


thanks for explaining the symbolism of the 1:1:11 this morning.

I know it is a new year and an first day of the next part of our journeys. I hope that yours goes well. As for mine, I will just wait on God and see where he might be taking me.