Saturday, 22 January 2011

Thoughts on Matthew 4:12-23

Thoughts on Matthew 4:12-23

- John the Baptist in prison
- Preaching: Repent for the kingdom of heaven has come near.
- disciples called: Peter, Andrew, James, John: fishers of men
- healing the sick

Can you imagine what it would be like if your best friend was taken away?  And taken somewhere they didn't want to be?
How would you feel?

I'd feel sad and scared for my friend and lonely.

I'm sure this was how Jesus felt as well when he heard that his friend John the Baptist, who had baptised Jesus, had been imprisoned.

And so Jesus left Nazareth and went to Galilee.  He left what and where he knew, and he went somewhere else.  And there he started preaching.  

He started telling everyone how the "kingdom of heaven is near".

How do you think he felt?
I'm sure he was a little scared and lonely; in a new place he didn't know, with no one he knew.  He knew God was with him all the time, and he told people, but he had to do that alone.

And then he started calling his disciples to follow him.  Simple men, ordinary men, poor men, fishermen.  Men like any of us.  It could have been you if you'd been in galillee then.

In fact it is you, and you, and me!
We are called to be disciples.

So, what is God calling each of us to do?  Let's think about that.

There is a piece of paper here for everyone, and take a pen each.

I'd like you to write or draw what you do as a job or what you'd like to do when you grow up.

Ok, now turn your paper over.
Jesus said "come follow me, come be fishers of men".
I'd like you to think how Jesus is calling you to follow him.
Now write or draw a picture of what you think Jesus has called you to do. 

It might be visiting sick neighbours, being nice to a friend who is finding it hard at school, volunteering for a charity, helping in church, sharing your sweets with friends, buying fair-trade, giving old toys to charity, or perhaps changing your life entirely by leaving the job you know and trusting Jesus to lead you on his path.

What is Jesus calling you to do?
How can this be started this week?
Not next month, next year, sometime, perhaps later......this week!

And so we pray, Jesus this week help us to keep in mind where Jesus is leading us.  Show us how we can be fishers of men? Amen.

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