Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I'm proud to say

This was not my planned blog post for the day, but I have seen that one of the UK twitter trending hashtags is #Improudtosay and I have much that I can say that I am proud of, so here comes some of them.

#Improudtosay I love my husband Mike

#Improudtosay I love my beautiful, gorgeous, miracle daughter Rachel

#Improudtosay God and I are friends

#Improudtosay that this year I will be licensed as a Lay Minister in the Church of England

#Improudtosay that I miss my four babies who became angels before they were born

#Improudtosay that I was once a professional woman

#Improudtosay that I chose to spend my time with my daughter and closed my business

#Improudtosay that I volunteer and that the value of that is immense to me

#Improudtosay that I have friends who love and support me in place of family I miss

#Improudtosay that I miss my mum and dad and hope one day the relationship is restored

#Improudtosay that I'm still the "hubba chubba" I was at school, but now it doesn't upset me

#Improudtosay that my relationship with food is a mess

#Improudtosay that I cry at films

#Improudtosay I love reading, books all of sorts are my friends

#Improudtosay I pray every day

#Improudtosay my heart breaks when I watch the news these days

#Improudtosay I have an addictive personality

#Improudtosay that I see a counsellor every two weeks because I need to

#Improudtosay that my gran was my first spiritual guide

#Improudtosay that I think teenagers are no more difficult/ignorant/uninterested that I was; in fact I think they care much more than we did

#Improudtosay that my 5 year old knows that everyone has different beliefs

#Improudtosay that my daughter comes first in my life, why else would I have been given a miracle?

#Improudtosay that I make mistakes, all the time; but I admit them to myself and God and He forgives me.

So what are you proud to say?


Lesley said...

Great post Emma - thank-you

shaz said...

I am proud to say I know you too x

Emma Major said...

Thx ladies xxx