Monday, 3 January 2011

Kindle review

Kindle: a big hit

I admit that 7 months ago I could not have been more appaulled by the idea of giving up "proper paper books" for e-books.  I couldn't imagine not turning a page or holding a physical book and knowing how far through a book I was.  

But then a number of things happened:
1- I relearned how to speed read (amazing what good glasses can do for you) and started reading a fiction book, study text and more every week
2- I ran out of space in my study for all my books
3- a friend arrived to stay and brought her kindle with her showing me how light, tactile and easy to use they are

So by September I had asked Mike for a kindle for my birthday/Christmas present.  It made sense in many ways, especially as the kindle book store prices reduce.

I am now 3 weeks into owning my very own kindle and I'm a massive convert.  In that time I have read 6 books, Rachel (age 5) has read a chapter or two of Winnie the pooh and I have been able to read some PDF academic articles easily on the go.  

Ok I hear you say, so what?
Well from Rachel's point of view she thinks it's great.  She says it's "mummy's own library" and she is amazed how she can select different books in her area of the kindle.  She is seeing me read more because I have the kindle (or it's iPhone app) on me all the time, so I am reading more.  Don't get me wrong, she's a bookworm anyway, but now she can read in the car, at the doctors or anywhere I take the kindle.  

For me it allows me to carry around my fiction, academic, biblical, dictionary and general reference books without the need for a pick-up truck.  For a woman who reads around subjects constantly and is addicted to learning anything new, this is wonderful. I can dip in and out of what I fancy based on my own desires rather than what book I have at hand. 

And then theres the real plus point. From both our perspectives we can read easier. We both have poor eyesight, we have glasses which help a whole load, but it's never the same as perfect.  Well the kindle does one very simple thing, it allows you to choose the font size that's best for you.  And for me that's doubled my reading speed at least, and it's done similar for Rachel.  I never before fully appreciated the impact of small text and straining to see on my speed of reading, but now I see the benefit of larger print; and the kindle allows that without a larger, heavier book.

However let's be clear, there is a downside to my kindle. 
increased text size = increased reading speed = increased purchases of books = decreased wealth!

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ising_2 said...

I <3 my Kindle. It was my "retirement" present almost one year ago :D I have a very thoughtful husband. I read, read, read ,,, it's SO much fun!!
Enjoy,,,, Brenda Davis (Heather's mom)