Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Knitting not blogging

It's not that I made a commitment to blog every day or anything, but
I've just fallen into the pattern. But yesterday was crazy busy:

Open door retreat - 10 weeks following St ignatius spiritual exercises
REinspired lesson for year 5 on ten commandments
Food shopping
Pick up Rachel from after school club
Bed (not for me)

And then in the time I would have blogged I got out my knitting needles and started the latest project:
Rachel wanted a blue bag that looks pretty and will hold ducky (her lovey)

Well I got carried away (have I ever mentioned my addictive personality?) and knitted from 6.30 till 10.30 and ....
..... VoilĂ ! It was made.

It was well worth it to see Rachels face this morning, hear her squeals of delight and experience her cuddle of thanks.

So consider this yesterdays delayed blog post, and if I go missing again - look under the pile of wool.

Ps - this website is a life saver (in knitting terms) Learn to Knit

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