Tuesday, 18 January 2011

"that" B&B case

"that" b&b case

I had planned a different blog post today but this news item just burns me so I have to post.

Before I go any further: these are my views and opinions, I represent no one but me.

A christian couple running a b&b, in 2008, refused to allow a gay couple in a civil partnership to share a bedroom.  They were taken to court and today found guilt of discrimination and fined. They were defended by a christian group saying they are victims of discrimination due to their faith. The case will no doubt come up for appeal but that's how it stands today.

My opinion
- I do not think it's right for anyone to discriminate by gender, sexuality, race, religion, size, disability or anything else.

- I hate the fact that the media are making this look like an issue between the LGB community and Christians.  What about gay Christians?

- Many Christians, me included, have gay friends and believe God loves us ALL no matter what our sexuality.

- they broke the law, sorry but that's what the law is for!

- I don't think that Christians are discriminated against in the UK.  I really think we need to be more open about our faith and confident about our beliefs, but that has to be balanced to cover the broad spectrum of Christian perspectives.  I think the media creates problems with this.

Right, those are my views.  Feel free to discuss.


Anne said...

Emma, I agree entirely with your views. This was not even a B & B in which a couple occasionally let out rooms in a private house, but a small private hotel. If their interpretation of Christian teaching on marriage was so important to them, then they needed to stop earning their living by providing a public service letting accommodation, once the law stated that they could not bar people on grounds of race, gender, sexuality and marital status.

I agree also that not all Christians believe that committed gay partnerships are against the will of God, and I also don't think Christians are being marginalised or discriminated against - just being challenged as every other viewpoint and belief is likely to be.

UKViewer said...

It is a sad commentary on the state of the country.

Anne said...

UKViewer: What is a sad commentary on the state of the country? And why?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anne completely. Despite being openly gay, I am very content to blend into the background as much as possible. I do not force my sexual orientation 'into the faces' of others (I've pondered on how unfortunate a turn of phrase this is for a while but decided to bite the bullet!!) but, as an adult in a long-term relationship with my missus, I appreciate a little respect for my relationship. I don't expect everyone to understand it, but that does not prevent one human being affording a little basic respect to another.

I should say that many years ago we booked a double room at a hotel and were in the process of getting changed to go out when the door flew open, a member of staff having let herself in with a key to say 'sorry, we need you to change rooms as we have a married couple who want a double bed.'!! At the time we hadn't been together for long so we laughed it off - although stood our ground and refused to move - but looking back, not only were assumptions made about the nature of our relationship and what was 'normal' but our privacy was also compromised! Jen was standing there in her bra and knickers at the time!

Needless to say, we never went back!!

Emma Major said...

Anne - thx for sharing

Mandi - you're experience made me simultaneously laugh and despair. Societal assumptions is another problem altogether.