Saturday, 29 January 2011

Reflecting through blogging

I have noticed that my blogging has gone beyond factual accounts of training and ministry.
It quite often reflects my thoughts, opens my soul, delves into my experiences.
In fact people reading this blog will, already, know things about me that many of my "real life" friends don't. (though many of them are reading my blog). In real life you rarely open up and reflect, it can seem selfish or egotistical, so only a very few friends enter that world.

The funny thing is, I fondue extremely hard to reflect onto paper; I try every day but it rarely goes beyond the superficial or factual.
So how come I can reflect on very important and deep things through blogging when practising the same on paper has never worked?
Is it a need to be heard?
Or perhaps it seems more open so is more real - a sort of accountability.

I don't know the answer; perhaps you can help with your thoughts.
But I am thankful that blogging is helping me, because these reflections are healing as well as learning.


UKViewer said...


I use my blog for similar things. Reflection, perhaps testing out things I might be thinking through and stages on the journey.

It's a good exercise and outlet, and useful for connecting with people.

Red said...

I agree with Uk Viewer. I write for me mostly, to get things out of my head! and sometimes its really useful to get feedback, and comments, although I don't usualy write with that in mind. Most of my friends don't know I blog and to be honest I probably wouldn't want half of them to read mine regualrly anyway!