Friday, 28 January 2011

Glee meets Jesus

Come on, admit it, you watch Glee.

What do you mean you don't?
Where have you been that last year?

Ok so maybe you don't like spontaneous singing,
Or prefer not to remember the nightmare that was the teen years,
Or don't own a tv,

But really, you should try it,
I know all sorts of people that are coming out of the closet as Gleeks.

Anyway, admitting it doesn't matter really.....I love Glee!

This week was a Glee I didn't expect; it was all about religion and spirituality and prayer and faith and God.
And it's not just that I'm a Christian that made me love it, it's that it openly allowed the debate, how refreshing.

I laughed aloud at the grilled chessus that when prayed to granted prayer requests
because it actually was stored anonymously in the fridge - God is everywhere.

I loved the banning of spiritual songs from glee club because it might be exclusive,
and yet the kids did it anyway because it mattered to them - religious persecution overturned

The way all the major religions were mentioned and explored, a little, was refreshing
and how there was tolerance and sharing of the mystery of God - religious tolerance

Of course there were also the spiritual songs, slightly religious songs and one mention of God pop songs; and the beautiful people; and the comedy; and the dancing as well - put it all together and I'm thinking I might play it at several youth sessions in the future. I hope they will enjoy it as much as I; but mainly I hope it starts discussions that young people could do with more of.

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