Friday, 14 January 2011


I have a dream

Today is Martin Luther King day and twitter is featuring the #ihaveadream.  Here are mine:

That everyone could see the best in Others #ihaveadream

#IHaveADream that all religions can Live together with tolerance and respect.

#ihaveadream that HIV is eradicated

#ihaveadream that one day no one will feel ashamed for their mental illness

#ihaveadream that child abuse becomes a thing of the past and society will be shocked it ever happened

#ihaveadream that bullying will be unknown for our children @bullyinguk

#ihaveadream that "thy will be done on earth"

#ihaveadream that poverty is made history

I could have gone on with many more but that's enough for now.


Always Curt said...

Emma, thanks for participating! Check out the NAACP "What's your dream?" page when you get a moment - would love for you to share these with our FB network.

Anonymous said...

I love this. So altruistic and inspirational! I'll be keeping an eye on you ;) x