Friday, 4 November 2011

Dear Blog

Dear blog
I am so sorry that this week before licensing I have been so quiet. I know this is the time to record, but I've been unable to think of anything worth saying.

The nerves are less now; they're only what I'd expect.
The fear is gone now; the rehearsal took most of that away.
The excitement is high now; it's really happening.
The peace is on me; I know God has me held safe.

Tomorrow I'll be licensed as a Lay Minister.

Thankyou for being my cathartic reflective space through training dear blog. I'm not sure i could have done it without you. And don't worry, my calling continues through my ministry, so you won't be abandoned anytime soon.

See you on the other side
Emma xxx


Anne said...

Prayers for a blessed day tomorrow, Emma.

Nancy Wallace said...

Hope today was a real inspiration and encouragement for the next stage of your ministry, with or without blogging. Thank you for sharing your journey towards your licensing as LLM

ramtops said...

Welcome to the club!

By now I guess you will be licensed, and even more blessed by God.

The important thing is that you know yourself to be used by God as a blessing to others - here on the blog and in your church.