Saturday, 5 November 2011

Licensing reflections

I'm now a licensed lay minister.
God chose me.
His church selected me
I trained and learned and prayed.
And today, at 11am, I was licensed.
Yes, me!

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I was nervous as soon as I walked into the cathedral but first Neil and then the Bishops were fabulous at helping us stay calm.

The nerves were followed by lots of emotions throughout the service; good, powerful, spirit filled waves of joy, affirmation and calling.  Of course this was expressed through tears, but I had a handy tissue.

And I was licensed, both outwardly by Bishop John in the Cathedral but also deeply, inwardly, personally by God.  I felt "it", an "it" I can't describe, but an "it" that will remain with me always.

The most amazing about today though, even more than the licensing itself, was the people. Mike and Rachel, my fellow LLMs licensed today and my friends who came to join in this amazing celebration with me.  I was bowled away, completely.  Thank you everyone; with your support I will continue walking on the boundary.


Revjean said...

Well done Emma....I am so pleased it was such a wonderful day! Amazing what God can do!

Red said...

so pleased for you :) you look positively joyous in the photo!

UKViewer said...


Finally after a journey and a half. But, you've provided an inspiration for so many of us who are still in seeking mode. Hopefully, for some sort of identification quite soon, of where the journey is headed.

Many congratulations you and my prayers and wishes for a fruitful ministry.