Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Godmother Love

At swimming this afternoon I was told that my god-daughter is lucky to see me so much.  I smiled; and quickly put that the right way round; I'm the one who's lucky to be able to see her most weeks and be such a constant part of her life.  It is a true joy and priviledge.

As I was thinking and saying this I looked into the pool and saw how lucky I truly am; as swimming in the pool with Rachel there was my youngest god-son.  Again I see him every week, often several times a week between social occassions, swimming and church.  I know him for all his quirks, cheekiness, love and cuddles; I get to really be a part of his life.

I never had this with my god-parents, they were important in my life but they weren't around my every day life, I guess I saw them several times a year.  I never felt like I was missing out, they were a great part of my childhood, but they never really saw the day-in-day-out me.

I am blessed by these beautiful little people, and so is Rachel, her family is so much wider than blood lines.

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