Thursday, 24 November 2011

GYKTC - empower with the gospel

All kids and young people need is love, passion and dedication.

We can all provide that.
We don't need to have all singing all dancing youth groups.
We just need love and an open door.

Let's empower them with the gospel rather than just entertaining them with stuff!
Let's be in the business of discipleship.

These are the words that will stay with me from the GYKTC evening; this is the message that touched me the most.  It is easy to look at the all singing all dancing provisions and their huge numbers of teenagers; but we touch each of our young people every time we see them.  We might not have pool tables and rock bands, but we do have love, passion, dedication and time. 

We are available, we are open to questions and we are accepting, we do OK!!

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