Sunday, 27 November 2011

I believe in God the Father

Let's start at the beginning...
"I believe in God the Father, maker of heaven and earth"
The story of scripture begins at creation, we put our faith in a creator God.

Believing in a creator of God is not putting us in conflict with the world of science.  It is a foundation of belief and getting caught up in the debate with science is missing the point.  Science explains evolution of the universe, solar system and earth itself with all life we know; believing in our creator God does not contradict this.

Scripture provides the "why" and "who" about creation; science provides the "when" and "how".  It is two different ways of looking at our world.  We believe in God being the who and why of creation and all we are.

God created us to be the pinnacle of all creation; the centre of our planet, solar system and universe.  People matter to God above all else.  We are not servants or slaves, we are his beloved ones.

Why do we think God created us?
Perhaps as an overflow of love and goodness, bringing us into relationship and fellowship with Him who is love.

Doesn't that flow in the face of our society!  It can be hard to accept that in our world where hidden agendas and selfishness are rife.  God shows us sacrificial, all embracing, giving love.  

"The love god shows is completely free.  He has chosen that we should exist and to treat is always as loveable" ++Rowan

"God chose us to be holy and blameless; to be in relationship with God" Ephesians 

God calls us to demonstrate and live out this same love, to put God's Grace into action in the places we are.

God's creation is an invitation into the loving arms and heart of God, especially in the difficult times.

Points for reflection
1. Do you really believe in the goodness and generosity of God the Father?
- I believe because I feel it, I hear it, I experience it, I know it and I accept it.  I see it in Rachel, in my happiness, in my ability of receive love, in my readiness to forgive. I know it through my calling and ministry.  I know it because God is within me always, holding me.

2. For which expressions of God's generosity in your own life and the life of your church are you most grateful?
- family love
- friends
- openness
- acceptance
- mission
- service
- humour
- comfort
- readiness 
- availability
- teams
- opportunities
- everyone valued

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