Sunday, 27 November 2011

I believe in Jesus Christ

I believe in .... Jesus Christ
Understanding who Jesus is is central to our faith.  We are followers of Jesus.  
But which Jesus? 
- servant
- leader
- revolutionary
- peace maker
- teacher
- listener
- healer
- punisher
- man on earth
- God in heaven

To me he is a man; a healer and teacher, that is the way I relate to Him personally.

Thomas was a doubter, he found it so hard to believe that Jesus was resurrected; why?  Was it because Thomas knew Jesus to be a man, an extraordinary man, but a man none the less who must succumb to death.  For Thomas, the belief of resurrection was amazing and Jesus allowed him to touch if that's what was needed.

Philippians 2 (5-11) states that Jesus was humbled by being made a man before being exalted to the Heavens, ruling over all.

It is hard to hold the vast knowledge and understanding of Jesus, hence the creeds were written to help us believe together the true faith of Jesus.

Believing in the son of man isn't actually believing in a physical existence, it is being willing to put our trust in Jesus.  It's about putting everything we are and do into God's hands.  It's about living out the implications of our faith.

Jesus is a mix of humanity, in creation; and divinity, in God.  He crossed the great divide into creation and was both God and Hunan.  God CHOSE to step into our world and become one of us, in order to know us more, love us greater and heal us entirely.

We are called to proclaim this great story,  the greatest giving of all time.

We are also called to follow the way of Jesus, to be his hands and feet; not to be perfect but to try to be as close as possible.

Jesus is divine: Jesus shows us what God is like, in him we have met God.  Jesus is Gods "no" to sin, he removes it all.  Because of Jesus' humility he is exalted.

Jesus is Human: he was born, grew, learned, suffered and died.  He needed God, he turned to God and he asked for help.  Through this he represented us in every way BUT sin and took it all away.  Through Jesus' life God knows all suffering in life.

Why do we believe in Jesus? How? What helps us in this?
- God came and lived as one of us through Jesus.  Wow!!!
- Jesus is the standard against which we can measure ourselves.
- Jesus is Lord!

Points for reflection
1. Is Jesus truly the standard against which your life is measured?
Individually? Absolutely, and I try not to best myself up for falling short
As a church? By some yes, we're getting there

2. If so, what needs to change for you to be more like Christ?
Give even more of myself!

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