Thursday, 24 November 2011

GYKTC - it's not about church; it's about God.

It was so refreshing to hear this message; it's not all about church, it's about God!
I'm not in the business of getting bums on seats, sure it's nice, but it's not what my ministry is about.

My ministry is about helping people come towards God,
come to know God,
come to love God and
come to know how much they're loved by Him, just as they are.

I know that sometimes church can get in the way of this; I know this from my own experience.
Last night's event reminded me of the years when I felt disconnected, not good enough, as if I was failing God because I couldn't find a church that worked for me or even tried to accept me.  I spent almost 20 years outside of church, but the good news is that in that time there were at least 16 years when I was inside God's loving embrace.  I was in relationship with God, but I did it without support and community and the love and acceptance and nurturing of a church.  I was so thankful when I finally found my spiritual home at St Nicolas, when I was "home".  But I am also appreciative of the time when I was alone with God; when He sustained me daily and when I learned that faith is so much more than a church.

Perhaps my experience is why I do not worry about getting people "into" church.  I hope and pray that people can find the love and support that they need inside a church, but I also know that God will find a way to retain relationship with us if we are outside an organised religious establishment.

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