Thursday, 24 November 2011

GYKTC - what I'll do different

I was moved by the Getting Your Kids Through Church event.  I have shared much of the keys things which have stayed with me, but there are also things which I will now do different.

1. I will stop complaining about church in front of Rachel
One of the killers of faith is judgementalism and as someone working in the church it is mighty easy to have an opinion about everything that goes on.  I am happy in my ministry, happy in my church and feel affirmed and nurtured; but even I find it hard not to despair at the PCC meetings and share that when I get home.  Last night I realised that this is not something to be done in front of Rachel, in fact sharing it with Mike might not be great since he's in the process of exploring.  I reckon I'll be writing down my rants on disposable paper from now on.

2. I will be even more open about my prayer life
I pray with Rachel, in front of Rachel and for Rachel when she asks.  But I do this at her level rather than letting her witness my prayer that sustains me.  I now commit to helping her see my faith in action more.

3. Share not just the good stuff but also the hard stuff
I tend to hide away the hard times I've had with God, as if believing that it is a failure in myself.  Yet I never allow anyone to blame themselves when they're having a hard time in their faith. Well from now on I will share those times when God feels very far away, when I can not understand how He can allow some things to happen.  It won't be easy because it goes against the grain, but I now know that allowing others to see my challenges might well help them when they have their own challenges of faith.

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