Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Holy Spirit Prism

I saw this image online today and it really spoke to me about how life starts to shine with the joy of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Let your eyes land on the top of the image; here you see the light of experience.  It is bright and clear and understandable but there's not much depth. 

The prism represents life itself, with many facades and reflective properties.  Most of the edges reflect a shadow of the original light, something less than the experience itself. 

Within the prism is a special place which transforms the experiences into something so much more than they started.  This is how I see the love of God, the light of Christ and living with the Holy Spirit.  When the light of experience goes through this place it is exploded with colour and depth and majesty.  Suddenly the experiences of life are lifted to a new level, the true reason and purpose and joy of life are known.

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