Friday, 2 March 2012

Are we groaners or moaners?

When we groan God hears and He responds.  He heard the people groan in Egypt and freed them. He hears us when we need help and He helps.

Likewise when we moan about what we have, when we need no more, God hears and responds.  But towards moaners God responds in judgement not in freedom.  He gave meat that consumed Moses' people when they moaned. He hears us when we moan and He longs for us to realise what we have.

This is all pertinent for me today as I am in pain and worrying about it.

Am I groaning? Yes, I am and I'm asking for healing.

Am I moaning? I worry that I might be. Today I'll try to hold my moaning and realise what I do have and that I am lucky.

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