Thursday, 8 March 2012

Counting your blessings

This tally image includes over 1200 blessings
It got me thinking.
How many blessings could we get together if we all counted our blessings?

I reckon I can get to 10 without too much thought, and I would hope that most people could.

So here is my challenge to you all:
Write a post with 10 blessings in your life and link it up below

How long will it take us to get the whole tally filled up?


Andrea said...

love this idea! I'll be back!

Greenpatches said...

Thanks for this and for commenting on mine, Emma. Found this really helpful. It reminds me a bit of a similar exercise I came across at the BRF festival of prayer last summer; one lady told us how her spiritual director had challenged her to list 100 signs of God's presence; things that brought her to life... What a challenge! I think I got to about 40...this has inspired me to look again.