Saturday, 10 March 2012

#cyblessings 10th and 11th March 2012

Christian Aid partner CCDB is introducing duckrearing to families in areas of Bangladesh where climate change has caused rivers and groundwater to become salty and where traditional farming methods are more difficult. Duck-rearing means that Roban Biswas is now able to send his children to school.

What a fantastic scheme this is, to see the current environmental situation and provide an ongoing sustainable lifestyle to people who live with it.  I love the way this ultimately simple scheme works and the way it is so well received and successful.  I didn't however know that ducks could cope with saltwater, I thought they were freshwater dwellers, so I've learned something today.

Christian Aid are asking us to reflect on your ideal world and how we can make real changes together as a movement for the eradication of poverty and climate change.  An ideal world, it's hard to imagine such a thing.  A place where everyone has food enough to eat and opportunity enough to challenge and sustain.  A place of peace and happiness and where power is less important than cooperation.  A place where resources are used sparingly and sensibly for the good of everyone.  I think that if we paired up the richest economic nations with the poorest and required us to learn from and share with each other then good things could happen.  what do you think?

They are also asking us to give 5p for every item you have recycled today.  Today I've recycled some cardboard, a plastic milk bottle, some paper, junk mail and envelopes.  I haven't counted how much that is but it's at least 10 items so I commit to donating 50p today.

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