Saturday, 3 March 2012

Freecycle weirdness

I love freecycle, I use it to get all sorts of free materials for craft sessions and recommend it widely. But amidst the many emails I receive I'm constantly surprised by some of the things which people offer to a good home.  There are the weird, the wonderful, the niche and the possibly useful to someone somewhere.  Here are some I found today alone:

1. heating element for a range rover rear window (what a specialist item)

2. half full bottle of tippex (I'm liking the glass half full mentality)

3. one 3.5 inch floppy disc (does anyone still use them, perhaps useful for a history teacher)

4. part filled in baby record book (only useful with item #2 or same name child)

5. 2 weeks supply of cod liver oil capsules (not sure I'd want some capsules from someone else)

6. indoor telephone ringer (what is that?)

7. well used men's black trainers (size not provided)

8. ford escort wheels (they went within 5 minutes - would love to know how long they waited to get wheels for their car)

What's the weirdest thing you've ever put on, collected off or seen on freecycle?  or ebay?  please share and make me smile.

1 comment:

Greenpatches said...

Somebody on ours is looking for a garden gnome, (small). And somebody else - one floorboard plank. What do they want it for, I wonder?