Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day Twenty One #headache #diet #asthma #healthyeating #mentalhealth

Boy have I got a headache
One of those horrible ones
That moves around all over
It really is no fun

I'm trying not to complain
Because it's not as bad as all that
But it makes me want to hide away
And I know my eyes look flat

On the other hand my breathing
Isn't too bad really
On a scale to suffocating or pain
It's not to low today

But some friends at church reminded
Me today that it's not quite right
That I'm putting up with such ill health
Perhaps I should put up a fight

But who do I choose to target
My GP's doing all they can
And the specialists can't think out of their boxes
And anyway they're no longer my biggest fans

I keep faith that there is a solution
Although I've now idea where it will be
But at least writing this is a relief
It's medication through poetry

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