Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Day Two in Review #healthyeating #mentalhealth #asthma

Yesterday was day two
So I thought you'd like a review
Food is clean
By that I mean
There's no trigger food
And the fat is low - all's good

For breakfast each day
It's always the same way
Rice Crispies in a bowl
It never gets old
And maybe a banana
But yesterday that was later

For lunch was the soup
Mike thinks it's a gloup
But I like it more thick
(It wouldn't hold a stick)
Soup with a roll
No calorific toll

Dinner was Italian
Bolognese by my wingman
It's his speciality
From scratch for me
Pepper, mushrooms and more
Serves up health galore

There was fruit as well
Frozen grapes are swell
Raspberries, melon and apple
Mixed berries - a staple
And water by the litre
Good as a cleaner

I'll be back tomorrow
Hopefully with no sorrow
Day Three should be great
More soup to be ate
Then rice for my tea
Come back then to see me.

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