Friday, 9 January 2015

Days three, four, five alive #healthyeating #mentalhealth #asthma

Today's day five
I'm still alive
Despite exhaustion
I will force on
Its just the toxins
Going to the bin
I know it'll improve
I'll be in my groove

Fruit is my friend
Chocolate pretend
Not quite the same
Enough to keep me sane
And carrot sticks
Instead of cracker bits
With humous are great
Especially if running late

But above all else
I hydrate myself
Water galore
Cleans me to my core
And fills me up
When I think there's a gap
Two litres a day
More if I may

As for my head
I distract instead
Of worrying too long
About what might go wrong
I'm feeling ok
I can breathe anyway
Amidst puffing and coughing
Each day I'm improving

(I think
I hope
Prayers really help
Me cope)

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